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February 28, 2015
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“If the discussion I am being asked to enter could in any way lead to my discipline or termination or impact my personal working conditions, I ask that a union steward, representative or officer be present.  Unless I have this union representation I respectfully choose not to participate in this discussion."
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February/March 2015
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602 Bake Sale March 8
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Reuther Movie March 8
Lansing Labor News
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Teamsters local 570
2015 Heart Run and Walk

Once again we (with the help of Sandy Shivas) will be collecting money, staffing the Local, and walking in America's Greatest Heart Run and Walk on Saturday March 7th. This is an event that EVERY member of 1126 can participate in and we hope you will join us. Please DONATE NOW even if you can only spare $1 or $2.

Anthem Data Breach Updates

Hi everyone, I'm sure you all heard the news regarding the cyber attack on Anthem.  At this time we do not have the names of our members who may have been affected or the amount of members.  Verizon did send out an e mail to employees today. Anthem will be directly contacting members who may have been affected.

CWA Night at the Comets

It's game time! Here's the info. Seating is limited so please get tickets as soon as possible.
Download: 2015 Comets.pdf

Town Hall Calls

Last night's town hall call about stopping fast track and the disastrous Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal was terrific, Peter. I know that not everyone is able to join us for the live call, so we've got two great ways you can listen to it later. You can subscribe to our Podcast on iTunes by clicking here or searching for CWA Union Hall Call in iTunes.

Chris Shelton for CWA President ***updated 11/20***

Please sign up Sisters and Brothers, As I’m sure you know by now, CWA President Larry Cohen has decided not to seek re-election at the 2015 Convention. I along with others tried to convince Larry to make a different decision, but in the end he has made his decision and we must all respect that. Larry Cohen is a good friend and I believe he has been a great president of our union.


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Sep 19 VZ Open Enrollment
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Wear Red on Thursday

In 1989, the CWA  brothers and sisters in New York were on strike.  One of the New York members from CWA Local 1103 walking the picket line was Chief Union Steward, E. Gerald Horgan. 25 years ago this August 15th (2014), Gerry Horgan was killed from injuries he sustained when he was run down by a “scab” as he walked a picket line while striking for health care benefits. The driver of the vehicle which killed him was a manager’s daughter acting as a “scab” during the strike. As she approached the picket line, she accelerated her vehicle, and struck Gerry Horgan. 

He is the only CWA member in our history to be killed on a picket line. Typical of Gerry Horgan, the picket line he was on was not his own. The Members on another line needed some additional help and asked Gerry to provide that help. 

At the time of his death Gerry Horgan was only 34 years old. He was a dedicated family man, and very active in his community. He was the Chief of the Valley Cottage Volunteer Fire Department and a member of the Central Nyack Volunteer Fire Department. He developed, and was Team Leader of the Mountain Rescue Squad of Rockland County, New York. The Squad’s primary responsibility is for rescuing people who fall, or get trapped on the sheer cliffs of the Palisades. Gerry Horgan was also a Veteran of the United States Marine Corps. 

When Gerry was killed he left behind two children, Christine who was 2 ½ and Danielle who was just 7 months. They are now coming of age where they can understand who their father was and what he stood for. We want them to know that their father’s sacrifice was not in vain and is still appreciated by the people he died fighting for. 

So Why Red? Why Thursday? Thursday, because it is the day on which this tragedy occurred and red to symbolize the tragedy itself. Even though this tragedy occurred years ago, the Queens New York Local 1103 and CWA still support Gerry and his family! 

So as you look for something to wear Thursday, show your support to your union and remember your fallen union brother in New York, and wear RED! 

WEARING RED ON THURSDAY isn't about showing disrespect for Managers or being anti-management. 
WEARING RED ON THURSDAY is about supporting the Union in the contract negotiation process. 
WEARING RED ON THURSDAY is having a voice in that process. 
WEARING RED ON THURSDAY is protecting your job and your wages from being reclassified into a lesser status.
WEARING RED ON THURSDAY is providing location security so you are not forced to move to another part of the country so the company can save a few dollars. 
WEARING RED ON THURSDAY is supporting families and working hours that are conducive to the family unit. 
WEARING RED ON THURSDAY isn't anti-management, it is pro-community. It is having a strong contract so we can live together as management, service representatives and clerks without having to live in fear that one day our job will be replaced and eliminated. And it's about supporting your local economy. 
WEARING RED ON THURSDAY is being proactive during this process so we don't have to be reactive. 

is showing our collective support for this,
our Union Contract, so we can prevent 
showing it on the picket line!

For all these reasons and more, support your local Union and yourself!

(taken from Local 1400 website)

One Day Stronger

Health Care Conference

WNY Labor News

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Urge Verizon to give the citizens of CNY access to it's flagship FiOS product. FiOS speed, reliability, and security will provide incredible bandwidth to businesses and government agencies, provide educational entities access to high quality video conferencing, and give residential customers affordable access to telephone, television, and high speed internet.
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