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April 19, 2014
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Fundraiser for Vicki Selvetti
May 18, 2014
Toccolana Club 1412 E. Dominick St Rome, NY
Healthcare Lobby Day
May 20, 2014
2014 Charity Golf Outing
Aug 10, 2014
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FMLA Employee Guide

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Updated: Apr. 19 (16:03)

Counties on the hook for film incentives
IATSE Local 477
Sentinels MC 9th Annual Thin Blue Line Memorial Wall Run
Colorado State Lodge F.O.P.
Colorado FOP PTSD Workers' Comp Bill Up for Committee Vote This Monday
Colorado State Lodge F.O.P.
Colorado FOP PTSD Workers' Comp Bill Up for Committee Vote This Monday
Longmont Fraternal Order of Police
Sentinels' MC 9th Annual Thin Blue Line Memorial Wall Run
Longmont Fraternal Order of Police
Teamsters Local 449
Herkimer Central Office Asbestos Abatement (VZ)

Beginning April 14, there will be an asbestos abatement happening in the Herkimer Central Office. While we prefer no one enter the buidling during this process, there are procedures in place should an emergency arise.

Why is American internet so slow? TECH Why is American internet so slow? The country that literally invented the internet is now behind Estonia in terms of download speeds PUBLISHED MARCH 5, 2014, AT 2:01 PM There's not a lot of competition for those cables.

Assemblyman Brindisi Update

Dear Friends: Spring is finally here! It is a busy time in the State Assembly and I am pleased that we accomplished another on-time budget with positive developments for the entire State and the Mohawk Valley region.

CWA Scholarship

To:    CWA Local Presidents Dear Colleagues: This is a reminder that applications are now being accepted through April 30, 2014, for the CWA Joe Beirne Foundation's annual scholarship offerings for the 2014-2015 school year.

Verizon Disaster Relief Fund

All Verizon employees will be eligible to voluntarily contribute and to receive a grant from this Fund. Our Verizon members will be able to submit an application for a grant from a disaster without any requirement that they have donated to the Fund.

CWA 74th Convention

Recently, your delegates attended the CWA 74th convention. There were several changes made in how CWA will function in the future. A proposal was passed which gives more input to the locals when contracts need to be bargained.

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Apr 07 Files added to website
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Mar 06 Testing Update
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Mar 06 Verizon CPS Award
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Feb 26 Testing Update
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Feb 12 Pre-Test Training
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HCC Lobby Day 2013

One Day Stronger

Health Care Conference

WNY Labor News

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Stop the TPP!
The TPP is much more than a “free-trade” agreement. It is part of the overall corporate and Wall Street agenda to make the world safe for corporate investment and profits by reducing labor costs and undercutting workers’ rights; dismantling labor, environmental, health and financial laws and regulations that could impact profits; and setting up a process to resolve any disputes by going through special international tribunals rather than our own court system.
We want FiOS!
Urge Verizon to give the citizens of CNY access to it's flagship FiOS product. FiOS speed, reliability, and security will provide incredible bandwidth to businesses and government agencies, provide educational entities access to high quality video conferencing, and give residential customers affordable access to telephone, television, and high speed internet.
PSC 1-800-342-3377 for Service Issues
Verizon employees cannot give out this info, but our membership should be familiar with the process in the event they are asked.
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