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“If the discussion I am being asked to enter could in any way lead to my discipline or termination or impact my personal working conditions, I ask that a union steward, representative or officer be present.  Unless I have this union representation I respectfully choose not to participate in this discussion."
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Updated: Apr. 22 (09:08)

Contract Bargaining and Ratification Update – April 2021
Teamsters Local 570
Rest in Peace, Pretty Boy, until we meet again...
IUEC Local 10
Delegate election for the International Convention
Teamsters Local No. 19
CANCELED Stewards Seminar Sunday 4/25/21
Teamsters Local Union No. 142
El Paso police academy underway after canceled last year due to COVID-19
El Paso Municipal Police Officers' Association
New Online Store & Shopping Cart Available!
Congress 22nd District

Anthony Brindisi, Democrat

Official Campaign Website:
I believe bipartisanship is the key to finding solutions that can make a difference for our families and community. I also believe in an economy that rewards hard work. We need to create private-sector jobs, to invest in our local economy with tax breaks for the working and middle class, and ensure that our local workforce is ready to fill new jobs. We must invest in education and infrastructure to attract new businesses, while using apprenticeship programs to train those who will rebuild our manufacturing base and pay them living wages. I want to expand access to job training and education programs by building on my successful state effort to create a CTE diploma pathway for students to help prepare students for the jobs that are available today in the trades and advanced manufacturing. I have fought at the state level for adequate and equitable funding of public schools so that all children receive a sound basic education. In Congress, I’ll oppose efforts to privatize our schools and cut vital programs that assist students with special needs. Anthony I will fight back against irresponsible and mean health care policies that would kick millions of people off their healthcare, and hurt families, women, seniors and individuals with disabilities. We need to fix our health care system, not tear it apart. And it’s critical that we expand access to opioid treatment resources and affordable health insurance in underserved communities. Some in Washington want to privatize Social Security and Medicare, putting millions of Americans' retirements at risk in the stock market, while Wall Street would reap the profits. I strongly oppose any effort to privatize Medicare and Social Security, and will fight all attempts to privatize or voucher these critical programs that seniors rely upon. My opponent, Congresswoman Claudia Tenney, and I couldn’t be more different. Rep. Tenney has not been independent and is not motivated by doing what’s best for her constituents; rather, she has been marching in lockstep with the hard right on critical issues that affect all of our lives. Not only was Rep. Tenney one of the biggest supporters in Congress for the ill-conceived healthcare plan, but she took a party bus to the White House after the vote to celebrate a cruel plan that raises premiums on families, guts protections for pre-existing conditions and would kick tens of thousands of Update New Yorkers off their healthcare. Her healthcare plan even raises taxes on veterans who choose not to receive their healthcare from an overburdened VA. Furthermore, Rep. Tenney supports more tax breaks for corporations that keep jobs overseas and for the wealthiest people in America, while I believe tax breaks should go to hardworking middle-class families and small businesses. I believe in a woman’s right to choose and to make decisions about her own health care. Rep. Tenney believes in neither—she voted to defund Planned Parenthood, which provides vital health care services to women and families. Congresswoman Tenney has consistently refused to participate in town halls or to even listen to the scores of constituents who want their voices heard on important issues. In Congress, I will listen and represent all of my constituents, not just the wealthy chosen few, and will fight with passion and with every ounce of energy I have to provide principled and bipartisan service to our families and communities.
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CWA Local 1126
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