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“If the discussion I am being asked to enter could in any way lead to my discipline or termination or impact my personal working conditions, I ask that a union steward, representative or officer be present.  Unless I have this union representation I respectfully choose not to participate in this discussion."
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Chad McEvoy, Democrat

Official Campaign Website:

I live with my wife Megan and dog Nina on 63 acres in beautiful Westford, NY, population 868, in the Eastern part of Otsego County.

I currently work as a Project Manager at SUNY Oneonta and am a proud member of UUP - United University Professions union. I have spent the majority of my career helping nonprofits such as the American Red Cross and Heifer International grow their capacity. As a volunteer, I have conducted climate change research with the Harvard Department of Forestry. I have also built agricultural databases for USAID-funded projects, for which I was awarded the President’s Volunteer Service Award by President Obama.

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