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“If the discussion I am being asked to enter could in any way lead to my discipline or termination or impact my personal working conditions, I ask that a union steward, representative or officer be present.  Unless I have this union representation I respectfully choose not to participate in this discussion."
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MVHS Things You Need To Know
Posted On: Aug 24, 2022
Things You Need to Know – Wednesday, August 24, 2022
“Things You Need to Know” provides important information and updates for MVHS employees and medical staff. If you have something you’d like added to the update, email

NYS Healthcare Worker Bonus Program 
This morning, a special leadership team meeting was held to provide details about the NYS Healthcare Workforce Bonus Program as we have received more information from the NYS Department of Health. Attached is an overview of the program that includes: what the program entails, who is eligible for bonuses and when, and the process for submission and distribution of the NYS-funded bonuses. Two important things for you to know:
  1. Your director/manager has a listing of all employees in your department or unit. This list provides information on who is eligible and who is not (and why). If you are eligible for a State bonus you must complete and return an attestation form (available from your director/manager) to your director/manager no later than August 30. MVHS can only submit your name to the State if you are eligible for a bonus if we have the attestation form – no form, no submission. 
  2. If you are not eligible for a NYS-funded bonus based on the State criteria, your director/manager will also let you know. If you disagree with the NYS bonus criteria or have other concerns about the bonus program you should let your voice be heard (respectfully) by contacting the Governor’s office, the NYS DOH, or one of our elected State representatives. 
  • NYS Health Care Worker Bonus (HWB) Call Center (866) 682-0077
  • Governor Kathy Hochul’s Office (518) 474-8390
  • New York State Senator Joseph A. Griffo (315) 793-9072
  • Assemblywoman Marianne Buttenschon (315) 732-1055
  • Assemblyman Brian Miller (315) 736-3879
  • Assemblyman John Salka (315) 361-4125
  • Assemblyman Robert Smullen (315) 866-1632
  • Assemblyman Ken Blankenbush (315) 493-3909
Please talk with your director/supervisor about the NYS-funded workforce bonus program and be sure to read the attached document or click here for more information.
Share Your Ideas
We are taking the next step toward further integrating our mission and values into our culture, and we need to hear from you to ensure your voices are heard. We are scheduling “culture conversations” with our partner on this journey, Heidrick & Struggles (H&S). We will hold two live digital conversations hosted by H&S on August 30 at 3 a.m. and 3 p.m. Attached is the flyer with the login information. If you’re not able to attend one of these sessions, there will be a survey option where you can still provide your feedback.

We will use your feedback as the basis for moving forward on our culture journey, so please make every effort to participate!
Change to Transport and EVS Requests
On Tuesday, August 30, 2022, at 7 a.m., requests for Transport and Environmental Services will switch from the current Teletracking applications to the Transport and EVS modules in Epic at both St. Elizabeth and St. Luke's. "Patient" transport requests and "Non Patient" Transport Requests (called Service Requests) can be created from the Unit Manager and ED Tracking board as well as other areas within Epic. 

Clean Bed Requests will automatically be assigned to the EVS staff when a patient is discharged or transferred from their bed. Non Bed Clean Requests such as trash removal or spill cleans will need a call to either the Service Response Department (Luke's) or Housekeeping Department (St. E's).

Along with this change, the Transport and EVS staff will begin using iPhones instead of the pagers to receive and complete their assignments. 

Please contact Kim Corigliano at or 315-624-5837 if there are any questions or concerns.
Issues with GroupWise Email on Mobile Devices
Along with the GroupWise upgrade this past weekend, the GroupWise Mobility server has been upgraded and as a result, all accounts and associated devices need to be synchronized before mobile phones can access email again. Due to the large number of users and devices as well as the large size of the databases, this will take some time. We apologize for the inconvenience and are working as quickly as possible to resolve this.
MVHS Sleep Disorders Center Reopens to New Patients
Since last September, the Sleep Disorders Center has been closed to new patients due to staffing issues. We are happy to announce that these issues have been resolved and Dr. Steven Levine and Caroline Going, PA, are now accepting new patients and will again perform sleep studies. Appointments can be made by calling 315-801-3484.

We are also pleased to announce that the Sleep Center has received its sixth, 5-year accreditation from the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, maintaining its status as the first and longest standing accredited sleep center in the Mohawk Valley. Congratulations!
Hiring Managers – PLEASE READ
AMN Healthcare, the recruitment firm we work with, has been tracking our metrics related to recruitment. The data shows that it is critically important to schedule an interview with an applicant within 48 hours from when they apply. Those who are not scheduled within that timeframe tend to move on to other opportunities. Thank you for your help!
New MyChart Features
MyChart has been updated with new features! Check out the attached brochure and tip sheet to learn more.
Isolation List for Patients from Residential Facilities 
Click here for the full list of facilities on the isolation list. 
Warm regards,
Mansoor Shahid
Executive Vice President/ Chief Operating Officer
Mohawk Valley Health System
Phone - 315-801-4978
Fax - 315-801-8598



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